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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q1.   What are VR Classes and how are they different from TV / PC or Internet content?

VR Classes are Virtual Reality Interactive Classes, where a child wears a Virtual Reality headset in the classroom, and goes on an adventurous virtual excursion to the most inaccessible places breaking all the physical boundaries.
As opposed to TV or PC, VR provides a 360 degree panoramic view of any place. The sensors move in SYNC with the child’s movement, making him feel as if he is physically there (Immersive Experience).
Come let your child try our “First Demo Class” and then make a decision!

Q2.   Do we need to buy VR kit or any other material?

Econoxy team got you covered . We provide each and every student with a VR kit to use while in the classroom. Just send them with a book & pencil, to learn and take notes.

Q3.   Is the content based on Syllabus?

Traditional education system has a definite syllabus and students have no choice. VR classes are very unconventional and our syllabus is defined by the student’s interest. Yes, that is right we will let the students voice their opinion and try to meet their interest with our dynamic and progressing content. The content is purely extra- curricular but the learning includes history, geography, science, cultures, astronomy and many more .

Q4.   Why is the age group only from 6+ years old? Can I send my younger child with their brother/ sister?

Researchers recommend that only children who are 6 years or older are able make the best use of the VR kit. Children who are younger than 6 years may have some health concerns after the pro-long use of VR. So, to keep your children safe, we have followed the age group guidelines. We would love to take your younger child, but only after they are 6 years or older .

Q5.   How will the one hour session be conducted?

Econoxy team has designed this one hour session in a way that it centres on children’s interests as well as their safety. Thus, we have divided the 60 min into three sections of approximately 20 min each.
Section 1: Teacher introduces the topic of the day and students engage themselves in exploring the topic using their VR headsets.
Section 2: Students put down their headsets to express and share what they observed and describe how it was. Every student shares their experience and thus all of them learn social and cognitive skills.
Section 3: Teacher then summarizes everyone’s observations, adds the ones that were missed, and questions the students to help them learn the lessons for the topic of the day.

Q6.   Why is a teacher needed for VR classes?

Self-exploration is the key objective of VR interactive classroom. But a teacher would be the best person to guide the students in the right direction, make them think deeply by asking certain questions, empower their creativity, and last but not the least address all their curiosities after visiting these adventurous places. This way, we as parents will have to answer fewer questions and instead hear more about their learning and experience .

Q7.   What if we have or choose to buy our own VR kits? Do we still need classes?

Just like we could teach our kid’s A-Z at home, VR content can also be taught at home. But as we all know, it’s not just about learning the content. It is also about the environment where they share and interact with other friends; which automatically enhances their language, social and cognitive skills. We strongly believe these skills really make a difference in today’s competitive world. You are welcome to let your child try our “First Demo Class” and then evaluate to make a decision! Choice is always yours!

Q8.   How many students do you take in one batch?

Econoxy team wants every child to interact and share their experience. One batch would ideally have 10 students not exceeding a maximum of 20 students.

Q9.   What are the timings of these VR classes?

As we are just launching these VR classes and we all know that our children are occupied with many other learning centres. We provide the below schedule to start with and could be flexible too-
(1 Hour Duration per batch)
Option A: Weekdays (Mon-Fri) Evening (between 5 to 7)
Option B: Weekends (Sat-Sun) Morning (between 10 to 12)

Q10.   Where are your upcoming centres and when will they start?

Our upcoming centres are Gangadham, Pimple Saudagar, Kalyani Nagar, Camp and Undri.
Once we receive 10 confirmed enquiries from the parents in a particular area, then we will start batches in these centres anywhere between 1-2 weeks.

Q11.   What are the different payment options for VR class enrolment and when do we need to pay?

We offer three payment methods that you can use -
A. Cash - quick and easy.
B. Cheque - banking convenience.
C. NEFT transfer - online convenience.
We would need the enrolment fees to be paid in full for at least a minimum of month on or before the second VR class. You can take advantage of the first demo VR class and then decide.

Q12.   Are there any discounts or coupons that you can offer?

Econoxy team believes in providing a service at the best affordable cost to our customers. So be assured that the price you get is the best offer that we have available .

Q13.   How many months do I need to enrol my child in?

There is no long term commitment we ask for. You are welcome to try our first demo class and if your child likes it, you can enrol anywhere from one to three months. If you are not comfortable, you can also do a month - month enrolment.

Q14.   What are the advantages and pre-cautionary measures of Econoxy VR kits?

Econoxy VR kits are meticulously designed along with the essential pre-cautionary measures listed below -

  • Our VR headsets are light weight and foam padded to provide a comforting cushion for the child.
  • They are also built with three adjustable straps which will fit perfectly for all our age group.
  • Our design also includes “lens adjustment knobs” making it very easy and comfortable for the child to zoom in and out and change the focal distance as well as Inter Pupillary Distance (IPD) while wearing the headset.
  • And yes, we didn’t forget about the kids with spectacles. Our VR are compatible with them.

Q15.   Will there be Homework after the VR class?

Our children are already loaded with homework from school. We do not want to add to their load and hence want this class to be an extra - curricular engaging class without homework pressure. However, if the students are interested, they will always be welcome to further research on the session’s topic and come back with more information to share.

Q16.   Why do these VR classes not have a grading system, competition, quizzes, debates or other assessments?

Our children are already graded, awarded and certified by schools and other learning centres. As we mentioned in our brochure, VR classes break the boundaries of the traditional education system. We want the VR classes to empower our children’s’ creativity and active imaginations that allow them to truly enjoy the experience and learn without any exam pressure. We want them to be free birds exploring things in their own unique style.
However, we do value recognition and will have some special surprises for our “Little Explorers” .

Q17.   What if my child is sick, and had to miss one or two classes?

We understand the health concerns. However, our sessions are very dynamic and hence we would require you to find out the topic of the class that your child has missed, and connect with the teacher. We will try to accommodate him/her when that session is conducted again for some other batch. It may be any day of the week and your child can attend it, then. We will try our best to accommodate, but still we cannot guarantee it.

Q18.   What if I need to cancel the enrolment in the middle of the month?

If for some reason, you need to cancel the enrolment, we will credit you the number of sessions that are remaining in the month and you are welcome anytime within next three months from the date of enrolment to come back and attend those sessions. We would request you to contact us and re-activate your enrolment before you use your credits.

Q19.   What if my child breaks the VR Kit? Am I financial responsible for the cost of the kit.

Nope. It is on us. We will take care. We do not want to limit the child's freedom and thus are willing to bear the financial impact. As a precaution, we recommend and instruct the children to be careful with the kits and not drop/throw them around as they are inbuilt with advanced technology equipment.

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