Econoxy Virtual Reality
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the idea

Every child is unique, let them Self-Explore !

The idea of this exercise is, to develop exploring instincts within a child.
We have designed the course in a way, teacher kindles the flame of child’s curiosity with the help of VR activity. In the followed group discussion they learn to conclude things, they subconsciously realize what other children have found which they missed. It makes their perspective really wide and canvas of their mind really big !
As a result, with every activity they become better explorers, they learn to look for details, understand things on their own and if that happens they are ready to take the challenges of life head on!
That’s what we want!

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember...   involve me and I learn

Benjamin Franklin
Econoxy how they learn

how they learn

Child wears a VR Kit in the classroom, and is able to self-explore a different place every day !

  • After the immersive experience of that place, they write down, what they saw. (Long-Term memory)
  • Followed by a Group discussion, which helps in understanding of each other's perspectives. (Art of co-operation)
  • And summarized by the Teacher, to ensure that required information is conveyed to them. (Understanding facts)

The summarized learnings from these 3 activities, helps them convert their exploration into Useful memories !

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel


what they learn

We cover 400+ diverse places in and around the globe, described below

  • National | International locations | Outerspace (Moon & Mars)
  • Dinosaurs | Wildlife | Ecology | Forests
  • Wonders of world | Heritage sites
  • Historical places | Museums | Palace
  • Industries | Careers | Labs | Offices
  • Underwater | Desserts | Antarctica | many more...

Content is powered by Google and their partners
Archaeological Survey of India | American Museum of Natural History | National Geographic
VHIL Stanford University | Space Station Museum | Royal Collection Trust | WWF
and hundreds more...

Econoxy what they learn

An unique learning platform for children with perfect combination of Hi-Tech Device and Expert Guidance

Econoxy Classroom

more details

Please note the Eligibility and other details


6+ Year's


1 hour per session


Weekly once/twice


Rs.100 onwards


Pune Locations

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