Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM and Salesforce CRM Implementations

Selecting a business management solution is just the beginning. While the software you’ve chosen is proven and backed by large vendors, the implementation process can impact how the system is developed, launched and used by your team. Missteps in the process lead to budget overruns, a lack of stakeholder support, and worst of all, poor implementations create uncertainty among users, who are already prone to resist change. Your choice in partner is critical to the long-term success of your solution, and your business. Econoxy has helped companies get the most out of their chosen ERP and CRM solutions with our process-driven methodology.

  • Global Rollouts
    • Our implementation services cover the globe. We are global ERP and CRM rollout specialists with the tools and processes in place to ensure you meet all regulations in every geography.
  • Audits and Rescues
    • Are you questioning the success of your current implementation project? Use our defined audit process to determine how to move forward and leverage our rescue services when you need them.
  • Upgrades
    • If your business is struggling to perform with your current solution, it might be time for an upgrade or a reimplementation for better alignment. Let us review your current state and offer expert advice and services to meet your goals.

We are implementation experts who pride ourselves on seamless technology projects that leverage repeatable processes and focus on your end goals. Every implementation project starts the same way – at the beginning. We conduct a full discovery session to help you define your needs, understand your vision and scope, and above all, outline the roles and responsibilities on the project, so we avoid surprises. To be sure our projects remain on track, our team of experts follows our Service Charter, and we keep your team and stakeholders informed and accountable every step of the way.

At Econoxy, we believe that our technology vendors have built the best solutions for your needs. We work from that premise in every engagement, and unlike many other partners, we focus on limiting or eliminating customizations, so your project remains straightforward, and future upgrades or software integrations remain simple. In this phase, we create and deliver an analysis agenda and requirements questionnaire and work on understanding your actual requirements and your business processes. We deploy Azure DevOps, utilize our pre-configured data packages, fully outline the data migration and integration requirements, and formalize plans for testing, training, and go-live so that your team knows just as much as ours about your upcoming project.

We work with you and for you to define your application design, determine fit gaps, and develop our functional design documents so that every project is developed with the highest of standards. Each process is defined and highlighted, test scenarios are created and performed, and we assign verification points in this phase, which reduces the future workload and safeguards against unknown issues or undiscovered requirements. Econoxy focuses on moving forward in every stage and employs checklists and documentation to keep every project on track, with little to no room for error or misinterpretation of needs.

No matter what kind of technology you’re implementing, managing the people aspect can become your most significant challenge. Econoxy knows that the sooner you can get your users testing and providing feedback, the more responsive they will be to accept the change. We use the UAT and Training phase of every project to give power back to your end–users. We build and leverage Test Plans and record the UAT process for easy reference, and to allow for independent testing by your team. We provide a formal set of end-user training materials and maintain a Test Case Register to ensure everything we test, refine and test again.

Extensive documentation, project plans, check-points, testing, and training lead to a go-live process that is free from the usual points of stress. With our adequately configured production environment, deployment specialists and proven procedures, your ERP or CRM system will go live at the flick of a switch. We finalize every go-live with our Post Go–Live Support, which catches any bugs or training gaps, and we provide support through your first month–end closure as required.