We are looking for Insane Professionals, who could deliver Sane results.
If you are driven by Money, then Econoxy isn't the work place for you (cause, we forgo gains, but never cheat our clients).
But if you are driven by passion, to help others, then this is the best place to work !
Note: We do not view/collect a CV/Resume, so please fill the form with Honesty and we would connect with you. Thanks
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    Steve Jobs

about us

who we are

We are bunch of insane people, who deliver sane results !

We bring a wide variety of skills to the technological desk, from augmented & virtual reality, through to websites, e-commerce and customized software.
We are a genuine, smart-working, team and we do what we do with tenacity and a smile. Give us a challenge and we’ll prove our worth!

our history

We seeded econoxy in 2013 with a simple purpose to calculate carbon footprints for Indian market. So we started meeting people and gathering data for our product, which led us to startling information !
Few of our clients were excited to leverage Information Technology, but were either over charged, miss-guided or were provided with old technology. Only few were in good hands, so we started helping the troubled one's, with small and ad-hoc tasks.
What we never realised was the surge of work that was coming due to these happy clients !
Well...that really inspired us to spread more branches of Econoxy Solutions :)

and here we are today, still growing...     and the credit for our growth, goes to our clients !

our mission

To provide honest and latest solutions & services to ensure the growth of our clients.

our vision

To build a HONEST company for the people, by the people.

why us ?

It takes years to build a reputation and minutes to ruin it !

We understand the value of “trust” and thus work with perseverance to sustain that faith !
To strengthen your credence, we extracted below points from our client's testimonial.


in every aspect


in our approach


in Information Technology


in their pricing


in their process


in their timelines

Econoxy is similar to Economy, with difference of x-factor

this x-factor encourages us to shift our focus from money towards something better !

Our Clients

few of our esteemed clientele

  • Supreme Health
  • Caelum High School
  • Konservation Drive
  • Orange County Group
  • Dr. Khanna's
  • Goodwill Buildcon
  • Arham Corp
  • Rotary Club of Jalna Central
  • Zebion
  • Chopda Auto Parts

CSR : Corporate Social Responsibility

we provide free software and services, to needful education institutes, as part of our corporate social responsibility.

we also provide voluntary consultancy to many of the start-ups or existing clientele.

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