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Sectors we cater

our area of expertise covers following business areas

Education | Jewelery | Real Estate | Manufacturers | Finance | Legal | Others

Education : Econoxy EduTech

Every kid is unique, we assist their quest in discovering their true potential !
with this thought in mind we bring you some of our products, which tries to achieve exactly that !

  • EduTech VR    : Virtual Reality Tours from inside your body to outer-space
  • EduTech AR    : Augmented Reality for mixing theory with reality
  • EduTech Labs : Combo of AR & VR for assisting kids in discovering their potential
  • EduTech ERP  : ERP system for School, to track Kid's performance & potential, along with their daily School Management

Jewelers : Econoxy Jewels

Every buyer has some unique choices !
with this thought in mind we thought of providing the user with unlimited stocks of Jewelery !

  • Jewels provide Augmented reality mirror, so don’t just see a photo, wear it LIVE and share it on social media !
  • Jewels provides the buyer with LIVE mirror, to showcase a wide range of ornaments, with a simple gestures in air !
  • Jewels learns the buyers selection, and would suggest related ornaments based on their browsing history
  • Jewels provides the owner to manage the catalogue, orders, payment and shipping directly from their existing Off-line stores

Real Estate : Econoxy Restate

Every project has many amenities and specifications to be explained !
for this requirement we bring you some of our products, which showcases your project immersively !

  • Restate VR    : Virtual Reality Tours from society gate to sample flats
  • Restate AR    : Augmented Reality tool for letting buyers design their homes from their couch
  • Restate Online : Online Presence of your project and brand (Website, SEO, Social...)

Manufacturers : Econoxy Ecart

E-Commerce has changed the buying behaviour of customers !
to help SME manufacturers, we provide them their own online store !

  • Econoxy Ecart : Most advance list of features supported by an E-Commerce store
  • Once store is configured, we provide the Full-Source code to the respective manufacturers
  • We could also provide loads of customizations, or updates as per your requirements


we have a small application created for Broker's, from Financial world.

  • Econoxy Finance : provides report for monthly collections and payments
  • User interface is designed for layman use and works offline for privacy of data.
  • Also the reports are customized to fulfill all possible requirements of broker.


We could provide customized software solutions as per your requirements !

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