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Econoxy EduTech

New revolution in education

EduTech : Education with Technology

Most advanced technology integrated with learnings !

Econoxy EduTech VR

Every kid is unique, we assist their quest in discovering their true potential !
with this thought in mind we started providing VR Tours to schools !

  • We provide Virtual Reality Tours from inside your body to outer-space
  • Students explore the place, as per their interest (Self Learning)
  • Then share their immersive experiences in Group (Group Learning)
  • Teacher would then ask questions and guide them to ensure everything is covered and clarified (Understanding facts)

Econoxy Edutech AR

A powerful tool, to stimulate creative powers of kids !
Children are one of the most imaginative source for discoveries...

  • We are planning to provide Augmented Reality experience to children of various age groups.
  • Imagine a Kid building his own city, making his own choices and getting it evaluated from a Teacher
  • Imagine a Kid creating their own drama, using animated characters, with simple Gestures
  • Just Imagine the possibilities of Augmenting the real world with virtual objects

Econoxy EduTech Labs

Combo of AR & VR stimulates both Left(logical) & Right(creative) Brains
the power to create something and understand the logic behind it, converts the learning into permanent memory !

  • We take them to Virtual Reality Tours to logically understand learnings
  • Along with an experience to let them Augment their realities around them
  • Combo of AR & VR help's the kids in discovering their true potential
  • The topics let them explore some part of their syllabus and other additional knowledge to make them All-Rounders

Econoxy Edutech ERP / EMS

India's First Open-Source Education Management Software in India
Manage your School/College/Institute for FREE. * no hidden cost or terms

  • Online admission process : Fill online forms, and track admission process
  • Students Joining documents, Fees Collections, Contact details, available at simple click
  • Staff management, Resource management, other daily routine work is also covered
  • Parents information desk is powered by SMS / Emails / Online notice board, along with respond option

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