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Econoxy EMS: Education Management System in India

School/College Management Software in India

Econoxy : EMS

India's First Open-Source School Education Management Software in India

To combat with Covid-19 disruption
Econoxy is offering


Online School Software

Econoxy EMS

FREE Version Paid Version

If you have your OWN team,
Get all Basic modules for FREE
*NO hidden cost or charges nor any renewals required.

If you DO-NOT have team,
Pay us only for what you need.
Example: if you need 1 module, pay only for that.

Why Econoxy EMS?

  • Own the source code: Educational Institute become independant to select any In-House Team or any vendor to cater their needs
  • Pay ONLY for your needs: Even if you decide to take our help, we would charge ONLY for modules which you select
  • Always Updated: We have planned to keep the system always updated with latest features
  • Integrations: Our application is designed to integrate easily with many other software or tools (BioMetric, GPS, LMS, etc.)

Econoxy EMS Features / Modules

  1. Online Admission Module: 
    • Online Admission forms with Email/OTP Verification (*SMS Gateway needed)
    • Manual Process could be automated if required, at additional cost.
  2. Student Info Module: All Student related information could be accessed with simple clicks.Useful in-case of any emergency contact or medical situation.
  3. Fees Module:
    • Manual Fees Collection is provided for Admin. (Back-end) with automated Fee Slips generated.
    • Online Payment could be configured from Banks/Payment Gateways at additional cost.
  4. Attendance Module:
    • Manual: Attendance for Students/Teachers/Staff by Admin. (Back-end)
    • Biometric: Could be provided/integrated if required, at additional cost.
  5. Report Card Module:
    • Basic: Report card filled by Admin. (Back-end)
    • Advance: Report card filled by respective Teachers.
  6. Health Module: School staff could maintain Medical records.Doctors could update Medical records.
  7. Alumni Module: Ex-students could be managed using Alumni management.
  8. News/Notice Module: To inform Parents about any specific news or events. Customized groups as per class/house/individual.
  9. Events Module: To inform everyone about Public Events.
  10. Holiday Module: Yearly Holiday Calendar will be published online with Google Calendar Integration.
  11. Report Module: Basic Fees, Students summary provided.Any Custom Report could be created as per requirement, at additional cost.
  12. PTA Module: PTA Minutes of Meetings could be maintain for governance records.
  13. Task Module: Assign any Task or Deadline based activity among Teachers, Staff & Management. (Back-End only)
  14. Staff Module: Teacher & Staff information could be added in system. For Governance records.
  15. TimeTable Module:
    • Manual Timetable could be added online.
    • Separate Automated Time-Table system could be provided if required, at additional cost.
  16. Library Module:
    • Basic Library Management system is provided in system
    • Any customization could be done if required, at additional cost.
  17. Exam Module:
    • Online exams platform could be provided using GSuite for Education.
    • If integration required, will be provided at additional cost.
  18. Homework Module: 
    • Visiting Faculties or Guest Lectures or Homework/Assignments could be arranged ONLINE using GSuite for Education.Create classes, distribute assignments, send feedback, and see everything in one place. Instant. Paperless. Easy.
    • If integration required, will be provided at additional cost.
  19. Transport Module:
    • Manual Transport Route Mapping could be added in system using Google Maps
    • Automated Route Mapping could be provided in system using Paid Maps
  20. Hostel Module: Not Included. Could be provided/integrated if required, at additional cost.
  21. HR Module: Not Included. Bio-Metric device & Tally recommended. If integration required, will be provided at additional cost.
  22. Expense Module: Not Included. Tally recommended.If integration required, will be provided at additional cost.
  23. Hosting Module: 
    • Based on number of Students the Server requirement could be calculated.
    • Emails could be provided from GSuite for Education
  24. Setup Module:
    • Download, Install & Configure the basic School settings
    • Advance school configuration with full content & settings.
  25. Gallery Module: Storage could be provided from GSuite for Education.
  26. Training Module: 
    • One Training session using Team-Viewer or Online Platform.
    • Onsite-Training could be provided at additional cost.
  27. Payment Module: Free Gateways but Gateway companies charge per transaction. (Range 1% to 5%)Banks could charge flat fee for every transaction.
  28. SMS Module: Not included. Could be provided if required. *per SMS approx. 0.13paise (13K for 1Lac SMS)
  29. RFID Module: Not recommended: Heavy hardware and maintenance cost.But if required could provide as separate Quotation.
  30. Website Module:
    • Basic 5 Page School Website will be provided.
    • Any customization would be charged as additional cost.

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