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R & D Lab

research & development

Our research team is at the core of all our product & services !

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and think what nobody has thought.
We believe very strongly in Research, especially cause of the field we are into. (which almost changes every day)

Latest Updates

Information Technology (IT) is the single, most rapidly changing and growing industry in the world. Every day, new technology is developed while old technologies are retired or improved.
Secure networks, gaming, sharing​ pictures with friends, national security, conducting business, electronic medical records, distance learning, secure protection of sensitive and personal ID data are only some of the millions of uses for technology today.
Add in trends such as the move to flexible work arrangements, contract work, an aging work force, global labour sourcing, data-driven decision making and the need for both more specialization and more fundamental skills, and it becomes clear just how complex the IT process have become.
That’s why it is critical to ensure that our skilled, knowledgeable and qualified professionals are ahead of the curve and on top of new IT developments.

We utilize the latest information, to provide our clients with best of software and services !

Future Tools

Currently emerging technologies, contains some of the most prominent ongoing developments, advances, and innovations in various fields of modern technology.
Emerging technologies are those technical innovations which represent progressive developments within a field for competitive advantage.
We can help create the next generation of natural, immersive, and intuitive applications—that include hand and finger tracking, facial analysis, speech recognition, augmented reality, and 3D scanning. With imagination and technology, the possibilities are endless.
We believe this innovative technology will shape the future of everything from catching up with friends to enhancing our everyday lives.

Evaluating future tools, gives our clients the advantage to leverage technology ahead of time, in this competitive world !

R & D Labs

Econoxy R & D Lab is a skunkworks team and in-house technology incubator.
We work on shorter projects, granting project leaders only one year in which to move a project from concept to proven product. The ideal project combines technology and science, requires a certain amount of novel research, and creates a marketable product within the one-year time frame. The projects are ideally shortlisted, based on the problem statement we receive from our clients. Research at our Lab tackles the most challenging problems, faced by our clients, in Computer Science and related fields.

Being bold and taking risks is essential to what we do, and research teams are embedded throughout Econoxy allowing our discoveries to affect many users every year.

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