About Us

we are simple guys, who provide dynamic results !

we seeded econoxy in 2013 with a simple purpose to calculate carbon footprints for Indian market.

so we started meeting people and gathering data for our product, which led us to startling information !

few of our clients were excited to leverage Information Technology, but were either over charged, miss-guided or were provided with old technology

only few were in good hands, so we started helping the troubled one's, with small and ad-hoc tasks.

what we never realised was the surge of work that was coming due to these happy clients

well...that inspired us to plant another seed and... whoosh ... grows Econoxy Services !


our goal is simple: "your requirement + your budget = our work"

our mission : Services : To provide honest and latest services in today's competitive world.

'Econoxy' is similar to Economy, with difference of x-factor,

this x-factor encourages us to shift our focus from money towards something better

we believe in sustainable development, and our services leverage the latest technology to restore the ecological balance.