what we provide

we let our customer's benefit from below professional service's...

Budget : Economical

Website : Wordpress

Templates : Free

Images : Free

Content : Client

Support : 15 Day's

Resource : Freshers

 +  + 

Balance : Best of Both

Website : Wordpress/HTML5

Templates : Paid

Images : Free/Paid

Content : Client/Paid

Support : 30 Day's

Resource : Experienced

 +  +  + 

Beyond : Exclusive Site

Website : HTML5

Templates : Customized

Images : Paid

Content : Paid

Support : 1 Year

Resource : Professionals

AMC : Existing Site Maintenance

we provide AMC (annual maintenance contract) for your existing / old website, even if it has limited information or no documents. also if required, we could upgrade your existing / old website on latest technology and platform along with SEO.

 E-Commerce Store

E-Commerce could be provided in two ways, either you rent a store or purchase your own store

Rented Owned
Cost : Initial : Less Cost : Initial : High
Cost : Long-run : High Cost : Long-run : Less
Time : Faster Go-Live Time : Slower Go-Live
Features : limited Features : unlimited
Customize : rigid to change Customize : flexible to change
Maintenance : 3rd Party Maintenance : Own
Dependancy : 3rd Party Dependancy : Own
Source Code : 3rd Party Source Code : Own
Suitable : for Standard Store Suitable : for Customized Store

* the above comparison is generic and may differ from case to case scenario. (for more information click here)

 Online School Admission

Google provides lot of free tools for education sector, utilizing these services, we were able to create an Online School Admission process within budgets and exceeding requirements.

one of our client, was able to reduce the cost of Online-Admission process by 75% and the best part was the ROI was fully recovered in the first year itself ! (for more information click here)

 Online Inquiry Management

Thanks to Google, we were able to provide Online Inquiry Management system within budget and exceeding requirements of SME

the system collects details from Online form on website, then intimates client by email, send's auto responder to user, and also maintains all records in a datasheet to be used as mini-crm-tool

 Customized IT Services

just tell us what you need, and we will provide you with customized options for your requirements.

few of our clients, saved more than 30% of their investment by using alternate and simpler tools

 Carbon Footprint Analysis

What it does? : Our product calculates the Carbon that gets emitted during your business process / transaction

How it calculates? : We integrate Carbon footprint data along with your existing software / process

Why its needed? : Increasing Population and depleting natural resource are key factors for monitoring Carbon levels

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 Finance Broker

financial software for brokers to track down their commission amount and provide regular reminders for collection.

isolated desktop system, to ensure that the critical data remains secure

 Legal Case Management

advocates can now relax, as the legal case management system, leverages database and provides results in website.

thus enabling the system to be used on any device, any platform and cross-browser compatible

 Customized Software

just tell us what you need, and we will provide you with customized options for your requirements.

few of our clients, saved more than 20% of their investment by using alternate or customized tool

 Information Technology Consultation

we provide paid IT consultation for our prospective clients on below areas

but if you are new client, and are referred by our privileged clients, we could provide free IT consultation too !

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